Tuesday, September 30, 2008

specialist today

I go see a guy about my wrist today. Hopefully he'll say, "it's no big deal. you sprained it and bruised it up pretty good, but ... nothing to worry about. Take 2 motrin and call me in 2 weeks."

Of course my fear is that he'll want to run extensive expensive tests to show the same thing. OR even worse. they'll show serious and permanent damage ... OR he'll say its fine and then there is something wrong.

Of course all of this may not make sense since I didn't really post what happened.

Last week, I slipped at work. I landed on my right side pretty hard. I was mainly concerned with my picc line. So I called the hospital that did the insertion. I talked to McMuscles and McJeff. *woooo* McMuscles told me not to worry unless my PICC line wasn't working properly. So to do a treatment that night and find out how it was working. Then McJeff talked to me and called me "clumsy." haa haa. What a funny guy? ME CLUMSY? Yeah right. :) (KIDDING).

I realized shortly after the phone call that my wrist was swollen a bit and was in some serious pain. I had xrays done and it showed no breaks in the bones, but I was told a hairline fracture or even tendon tears wouldn't show up to treat it like a sprain. They splinted my wrist for immobility and sent me on my way with pain meds.

The pain meds did not touch the pain and also made me extremely sick. I slept for almost 24 hours straight and the pain has not receded in the least. I have a tiny bruise on my elbow, my picc is in good working order, and a huge bruise on my thigh ... but by far the most painful and worrysome thing is my wrist. I have to type with one hand and use one finger on my right hand to peck out the right handed letters.

So if you read this in the am, pray that they dont find anything serious wrong and that everything will heal on its own without the need for surgery or anything drastic like that.

The other concern is that the Lyme bacteria will use this opportunity to rear its ugly head to pound on my "weakened" (doctors words) state. Let's pray that this doesn't happen. So far so good on that front. :)


Missy Myers said...

Praying and Hoping that it's just a sprain. :-)

Jennifer said...

So far ... they are sticking with ... it's just a sprain. Only had x-rays and the dude manipulated it a bit (OUCH). I'll go back in 2 weeks for a follow up.