Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Vacation Part 2

That night I crawled into bed expecting to enjoy a nice night of sleep. I began to doze off when it hit me. I had an itch so I scratched. That led to a night of scratching, Zyrtec, hydrocortisone cream and very little sleep. I got up fairly early and we walked down to check out the free breakfast. Now most of the time, continental breakfast doesn't mean very much. In fact, most of the we see what is served and leave to go somewhere to eat breakfast. We saw waffles, french toast sticks, sausages, hard boiled eggs, pastries, bagels, yogurt, fresh fruit and much much more. I chose two blueberry waffles with maple syrup and lots fresh canteloupe and strawberries with apple juice. Rob chose two sausages, one bowl of cereal and milk. Hmmmm Tasty. We were pleased. So pleased in fact, we didn't eat lunch until nearly 4pm. (of course this could have something to do with the fact that we couldn't find a place we wanted AND we had lots of free donuts and Rita's Ice at the Great Strides Walk).

After this, we got in our car to the Great Strides Walk. I've already written about that, but what I failed to mention is that Rita's Ice is Da Bomb. I've heard about Rita's and I've read about Rita's, but I've never TASTED Rita's. Rita's donated some of their delicious stuff for the Great Strides walk and boy .. I have to find my local one because it rocked my taste buds right off my tongue.

Now even three months ago, the walk itself would have put me in the bed for a day. I would have worn a knee brace afterwards (which I did the Walk in Cary, NC) and I would have needed lots of pain meds. I had asked before we left on the mini vacation whether or not we could do something that I have never done. Rob told me that we could possibly do that particular thing I wanted to do. We were both unsure whether or not I would have the physical capabilities of doing such items especially after the Great Strides Walk. I did not even think of the fact that I would have to deal with one of my greatest fears should we do said item.

I am going to skip around what we may or may not have done and go on with the rest of the day. Because that "said item" deserves its own blog. After all, I haven't even told my mother what I did. Once she finds out, she is going to be SHOCKED.

So after "said item," Rob and I went to this restaurant near MilePost 4ish? Now the thing is that on our way up and down the strip on Friday night, I *know* we must have seen at least 10 pizza place. We left before the pizza was being served at the Great Strides Walk and we were craving pizza. So we decided pizza it was. Of course on our way through Nags Head, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devils Hill, we could not locate ONE of them. The one place we did see was locked up tighter than (insert your own joke here). So we were going to turn around and try it again when we saw .... The Black Pelican. Now we had no idea what place this was, but we saw the sign .... Pizza till 11pm. So we went in. Now keep in mind, we are southern people. We do things the southern way. SWEET ICED TEA is the only kind of tea there is. We should have walked out when after I said "sweet tea no lemon," the waitress replied, "we only have unsweetened tea here."

Now if that wasn't to warn me off, once we did get our drinks it took an act of congress to get refills. We both ordered a little pizza. And boy was it little. I don't know how many pieces were there .. *7 or 9 or so* but I ate all but two and was still going for them when I realized that my husband was bout to chew off his own arm b/c he was starving and he had finished his pizza. So I offered him a peace offering of my two slices saying that once mine settled I would be fine. (heck no I wouldn't be fine .. I was STARVING, but I love my husband so ... the pizza slices were his).

After the act of congress to get the refills, it took another act of congress to get our check. (it was easier for the CFF to raise 46 grand in one walk than it was for us to get our refills and checks that night). Maybe they were having an off night and maybe they were better known for their .. *um you think they actually serve pelican?* other food, but we weren't too impressed.

After our visit to the Black Pelican, we went shopping. AGAIN. I had to find something special. You see I have this very special nurse. If it weren't for this nurse, I would not be able to do the stuff I did this weekend. So I had to find something and I had in mind what I wanted to give her. I just had to find it. After all how hard it is to find a starfish ... um ... rather difficult to find just the right starfish. In any case, we went from store to store to store trying to find the perfect one. Finally, we found it. :) (I had to get two too b/c there's another nurse there and I didn't want her to get jealous).

We went back to the hotel and opened up our presents to ourself ... two huge blocks of FUDGE. :) Then we went down to the beach for a walk and shell gathering session.

Stay Tuned next time for: Part Three

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