Monday, September 15, 2008

The CF Walk

So the first reason that I wanted to go to the Outer Banks the weekend of the 13th was that there was a Great Strides Walk being held at a park in Dare County. This was pretty much the only reason I wanted to go to Nags Head, North Carolina. I have been there before and though I am fond of the beach with my new addition of the PICC line I wasn't sure how it would go over. I convinced myself that I needed to go for a couple reasons. First ... I thought Tricia has had a PICC line before and she lives at the beach. So surely I can go just to vacation for a weekend. Second .. I would be helping a great cause that touches the lives of so many. Thirdly, I needed a break and to put some things into perspective.

My husband and I arrived way early. (45 minutes to be exact) I tried to convince him that we should go help set up, but I just couldn't convince him to go help out people that neither one of us knew so we rode on the swing set for a bit. :) That was fun. ;) Then we drove back out to the main strip and went to the one stop shop for all your beach time needs: WINGS. If you've been to one Wings, you've been to them all. But for some odd reason, we have this fascination of going into all of them (well most of them anyways). So promptly at 9 o'clock, we returned to the park for registration.

I took charge and went right over to the table and filled out a little piece of paper with my name, address, phone number and all that good stuff. Then there was a spot that meant what group was I walking with. I had no idea there were so many groups, but I knew which group I would put down. Team PattySue. :) I was walking for Tricia. I made out my beautiful check and passed it over to one of the many volunteers. My husband and I made our way over to what I figured was the central hang out. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but Nathan's mom made the most beautiful arrangement on a table. It had the ducky and a huge thing of roses with a beautiful picture of Gwyneth Rose. With the picture and roses (and little tubes of water for the roses) was a sign saying that we should buy a rose to take on the walk with us b/c we would be walking for Gwyneth's mommy. It was beautiful.

My husband and I spoke with Nathan & Tricia several times. I even posed for a picture with my new friend. :) My husband and I walked the walk bringing up the rear. Shortly after we returned, I met Megan and Janet. But the biggest thing for me ... I got to meet Gwyneth Rose. It was all I could do not to beg to hold that little precious baby. I just wanted to touch her little baby feet. Rest assured even though it was a hot and sunny day, Tricia covered that baby from head to toe with Sunblock. What a fun crew Tricia has as family. :) That is a day that I will cherish for a long long time. Not only did I get to visit with Nathan and Tricia again, I did something that even shocked me after the Great Strides Walk.

Oh I failed to mention the biggest thing. Last year, they raised 30,000 dollars for CFF. This year, over 46,000 dollars was raised and money is still being counted. :)

Look forward to tomorrow's blog (maybe tomorrow .. maybe a few days from now) when I post pictures that will shock the world. (ok at least those who really know me)

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