Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation Part Three

Now up until this point, I was still itching. Quite severely. (and btw: I am still itching. I'm not sure what's going on with that. I will find out something when I go for my dressing change).

On Sunday, we weren't quite ready to leave. We took our time on the beach and collected massive amounts of shells. PS. We found a whole sand dollar. Ain't that freaking awesome? :) We took our haul back to the room and washed them free of sand. I didn't want all that sand tracked into our house. We packed up our stuff and went down for more free breakfast. This time I had two blueberry waffles, a danish, a cinnamon roll and something else that I just can't remember. It was delicious. :) Rob had his "standby" of sausage and cereal. But he shocked me, he also got a bagel. :)

It was nearing check out time so we checked out and went shopping. We went to a couple cool places and didn't buy a thing (we had already blown our budget for the trip so we couldn't get anything else). On our way to another very cool thing we did, we stopped by Duck North Carolina to eat Pizza. We couldn't stand that the pizza didn't do it's job the night before.

I'll tell you the very cool thing we did in the next post, but know that we got home 6pm. We thought we'd be home by 4pm, but decided that we'd stay longer. And ya know .. that is so unlike us. Usually we're awake 5am the morning of departure and out of the hotel by 6 and gone like the wind by 7. So it was nice that we took our time on the way back.

P.S> I spent most of Sunday morning trying to get a picture of one of these ... DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY THEY ARE EVERYWHERE IN THE OUTER BANKS?

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