Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Vacation (Part 1)

I'm an idiot. Apparently having Lyme brain, but I just now realized that I failed to post the first part of my vacation story. *ahhh* So here it is. BUMPED from draft mode.

So our vacation began at promptly 12:02pm on Friday September 12th. Why that time? That is the precise moment we got in our car and drove out of the driveway. Our first 30 minutes or so we were still on 'home turf,' but after a bit of a nap and a couple of hours we made our first pit stop. We stopped at good Ole Wendy's to have a bite to eat. My husband had a chicken sandwhich and I enjoyed the chicken nugget combo and sprite with a twisted Frosty on the side.

We were on our way once again and made it to the first bridge. Now bridges, they frighten me. A few things other than bridges frighten more more (heights, the S critter, tunnels, etc.). Bridges over water ... they frighten me more than regular bridges. Now we had to go over this bridge to get to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We not only had to go over ONE bridge ... we had to go over TWO bridges. One of those TWO bridges was one of those "fancy dancy" bridges that opens up in the middle when a boat happens to need to go through. Wanna guess what happened when we were on the bridge? If you said, "the bridge opened up while you were on it" you just won 17,000 points. And just like on the Drew Carey show, they aren't good for anything.

I decided to spend the time on the bridge taking pictures. If I was taking pictures, I wouldn't focus on the fact that I was actually on a bridge over the Alligator River (uh . you think real Alligators live in that river .. how else you think it got the name?) and then the bridge over one of the Sounds.

So we finally made it to the Outer Banks. We stayed at the Surf Side Hotel in Nags Head North Carolina. I highly recommend this place. The staff was very nice and the complimentary breakfast was .. well .. I complimented it. :) (I'll tell you more about what I ate later). The room we stayed in had a jacuzzi tub (it was HUGE) and you could see the ocean from the room. Way cool. (so easily amused eh?) Only thing I could have a thumbs down to about the room was that the toilet was not working properly (my husband fixed it for each flush so it wasn't so loud) and the batteries in the remote for the TV weren't working (but who needs TV's)(okay this is the last parenthesis I'll use this paragraph). The photo below is one building of the Surf Side. We stayed in the other one. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the building we stayed yet got the building next door.

That night we drove around trying to find a specific gift for my mother in law. It was because of her that we were able to take this little impromtu get away. She was watching our dogs. So we went shopping at the only place to go shopping .. WINGS. We also went out to eat at Millers Waterfront Restaurant. Upsetting that I couldn't get a "small" portion of popcorn shrimp. I had to pay for "all you can eat" (whopping 18 bucks) and I could only eat 8 popcorn shrimp, 2 fries and 2 hushpuppy balls. Rob ate enough for the both of us in his meal alone though. Still a pricey 70 dollar meal. EEKS. It was our one big splurge for the weekend.

With night one complete, we made it back to our room for a jacuzzi bath and a walk on the beach. I wrote something special in the sand. It was therapeutic.

To be Continued ....

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