Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vomiting and Blogging and TMI

Gross post ahead ... TMI ... if you don't want to read it .. skip it .. I'm warning you.

Okay one might blog too much when in the process of cleaning up the bathroom from one own's stomach contents ... that I think, "I should photograph this .. this is MASSIVE."

You can thank me now that I didn't photograph the magnitude of said explosion. It is only now there in my memory. It took THREE old towels to clean up the bathroom floor. Along with almost a whole roll of TP. The casualties in the explosion were three magazines. The shower curtain got washed along with the bath floor mat and my clothes. The weight scale almost got wiped out. My purse was almost hit in the massive explosion. I don't even know how my shoes were spared in such a mess.

Aren't you glad I didn't take photographs? :D

BTW: I am feeling better today. I'm still very weak from 17 hours of sickness. Oh and my husband can never ever say I didn't give him anything. In November alone, I gave him a sinus infection AND the stomach flu. Isn't he a lucky fellow to be married to me?

For a real Lymie ... Stomach flu = 17 hours of throwing up and more than 48 hours afterwards to recover.

For the husband ... Stomach flu = 4 hours of vomiting, 8 hours of sleeping and now he acts as if nothing ever happened.

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