Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See Saw

I went to the eye doctor today for my vision test. Did I pass? Yes & No. :)

The past few weeks I have been having pretty terrible headaches. I half thought it was change in vision and half thought it was the sinus infection. As the infection improved and my headache did not, I realized that more than likely my vision had changed at least slightly. And yes, each eye changed just slightly. So new lenses have been ordered. My insurance won't pay for new frames, but I ordered some anyways because my current pair are scratched. I'm hoping that by Thanksgiving I'll be sporting a new look and that within a few days of getting them that the headache will be no more.

*someone asked about my prescription. Actually I have no clue. I never pay attention to the numbers. If I remember, I'll ask my optical consultant when I go into pick them up.

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bgolferman said...

whats your glasses prescription now?