Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Amos The Amoxy

Usually when I leave the Urgent Care, I remember why I hate regular physicians. This was a P.A and I was very impressed. He even asked me what generally worked best with my bacterial infections. I told him usually either Amoxil or Zithromax and that I preferred a suspension. He was very willing to write it for Amoxil and to write it out for a suspension without question. I'll be taking 1200 mg of Amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days for a total of 2.4 grams a day. If I'm remembering correctly, the typical adult gets between 500 mg and 875 mg twice a day.

I don't remember what my dosing was when I took Amoxil with other antibiotics for Lyme Disease, but 400mg/5ml is the largest dose in a suspension form. I just don't recall how many ML's I took. Usually day one and two go okay, it's days three and four on antibiotics post Lyme diagnosis that are the killer. Just wanted to give a good update not only for you guys, but for me to remember later on. :)

So the P.A. said that generally what happens is that people get a small virus that they fight off on their own in about 5 days. Since my symptoms have been going on for about 10 days, it has mutated into a bacterial infection. This is typically what happens in my case. However if I get the Vitamin C IV quickly enough, it helps kill off the small virus so that it doesn't change into the bacterial infection.

There is a small chance that I'll have a herx reaction due to the antibiotics killing off any Lyme bacteria lingering around in my body. I have blood work on next Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how things look while I'm on antibiotics.

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