Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun House Glasses

I received the phone call that my glasses had arrived on Thursday. I was excited to get the call, but then was disappointed to find out my optical adjuster wouldn't be in until Monday. I decided to be patient because my optical adjuster never fails. Then I wound up puking my guts up a few hours later so I was glad I waited.

Anyways, Monday afternoon I drove up to the eye care place only to discover that my favorite lady was not in after all. I was disappointed, but decided to place trust in the optical lady that was there. I put on the new glasses and immediately felt a touch of motion sickness. Things were magnified and distorted. She made a few adjustments and sent me on my way. I wore them for five hours when I had to take them off. Everything was too tall and too wide ... I couldn't take it. Something was off. Really off. They told me though before I left to come back around 1 the next day and my favorite lady would be there.

So I made a special trip up there (it's about 20 minutes from my house and almost an hour from work) on Tuesday and got there at 1 on the dot. Then I saw a sign that wasn't there the day before, "Closed from 1 to 2:30 for training!." I have to be honest. I was very upset. Here I was, not feeling well and I had to wait 90 minutes to be seen. Decided to use the opportunity to walk around the few stores in the area and wasted 90 minutes in well .. 90 minutes.

I went back in to see my favorite lady and she was thrilled to see me, but disappointed to see me in my old frames. I told her about my magnification and motion sickness problem. She took them to the back. She put them under her fancy machine. I could see her perplexed look .. her I'm going to fix this look and then her I'm now cleaning the lens look. She came back out and said "how's this?" I put them on my face and the motion sickness feeling was much better.

Turns out that the Axis was off in the left lens. Then she explained to me that in my right eye, the astigmatism had changed by "one click." That is what made everything appear bigger and a little distorted. Then the axis problem in the left lens caused even more distortion and the combination caused major motion sickness. She spent a good 20 minutes working on the position of the glasses (nosepads and ear pieces). I had to go back again today ... and by the way they feel tonight ... I'll be back on Friday. I waste so much gasoline trying to get my new glasses adjusted.

I still have a little distortion, but it's a typical amount of distortion as my brain and eyes learn to use the new prescription. Next on Living the Lyme Life my recent diagnosis ....

1. Sinus Infection (November 2nd)
2. Stomach Flu (November 18th)
3. Bronchitis (November 24th)

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