Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting there!

With each passing day, I feel a little bit better. On Wednesday and Thursday, people kept recommending to me to try a little cough syrup I had never even heard of. Where do I live? The Dark ages?

This stuff is liquid gold man! Thursday I was coughing so bad to the point of almost puking. And by almost ... I mean (TMI alert!) something came up and I was forced to swallow or I would have vomited in my car. And for those of you that know me, know that I LOVE my car! I was in tears from coughing so hard Thursday evening. I told my husband about this stuff and the trooper he was went out after his work event to get me some. When I woke (from very little sleep from all the coughing), I discovered three bottles of the stuff. One for Day time relief and Two for Night time relief. The thing is .. the Day Time stuff works so well, that I didn't even need to use the Night time stuff (b.c it has three other meds in it that I didn't really need last night).

I actually have a difficult time trying new medicines because I'm terribly sensitive to things. You know the side effect list of things ... if one says "MAY cause drowsiness." Well if it "may" cause drowsiness, it might as well say "WILL" cause "sleep for 1/2 day." Things that don't even say "may cause drowsiness" cause me drowsiness. Sometimes when I take Tylenol, I sleep for hours! Plus lately, I've been having weird allergic reaction to things. Example is that the other day I had a fever so I took Motrin and it caused my eyes to swell. I'd say who is allergic to Motrin, but I know a lot of people are allergic to different fever reducing meds. It's just weird that I haven't had a problem in 34 years and all the sudden I am ...

Anyways, Delsym has been wonderful. I took it before going to work yesterday. I only had one major coughing spell instead of a continuous coughing spell I had been having. I took it again last night before bed. I slept all night soundly.

On the antibiotic front, I've been taking Amoxil since Tuesday evening. It's really starting to work. My nasal passages are pretty clear and my nose is no longer running like a faucet. And you know that lovely post nasal drip that causes serious sore throat? Yah that's disappearing too. The antibiotics have only given me one round of bathroom runs (PUN intended) after dose 3.

As far as I can tell, I'm not really having any herx reaction. The only thing really "off" was that yesterday I felt like a complete moron ~ like washing my hands and turning around and washing them again ... or throwing bibs in the trash instead of the laundry or even being baffled as to why formula wouldn't come out of the bottle when I've used this type of bottles many times (it had a stopper in it .. DUH!). It added some humor to the class yesterday. In my defense, the others were just as stupid yesterday. We kept teasing each other all day about "How old are you?" (indicating that we were in our 90's instead of in our 30's).

I've been enjoying helping out at the other school. I'm feeling very appreciated (not that I don't feel appreciated where I already work) by the teachers. The teachers want me to stay on permanently. I haven't made a decision. I love both schools. Each school has it's pro and con. For right now, I'm splitting my time between the two schools.

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