Friday, November 19, 2010


Yesterday I got home and didn't feel well. My stomach was feeling kind of "gnarly" and I thought I was hungry. I had a couple of pieces of salami (in hindsight ... bad choice) and a protein bar and went to go get my hair done. AS I was sitting there, I began to feel worse. My head began to pound. Almost near the end of her styling my hair, I told her I had to leave. I just felt horrible.

I got home ... and a moment that can only be described as the exorcist happened. Then it happened almost every hour for the next 17 hours. Fever, Vomiting and Diahrea. Gah I feel awful. I'm dehydrated, but I am starting to feel better. I've not gotten sick in about 6 hours though I still feel nauseated.

It's going around at work (the kids and other teachers) so once the first round hit, I knew I was in for it. So I called the boss to find out if she'd prefer I just go ahead and call out (which I never do) or if she wanted me to wait and see if it was just what I ate. She told me to call her in a couple of hours, but in about an hour she called me saying she found someone to cover my shift. I'm so thankful for the teacher that was willing to cover for me b.c I was still pretty sick this morning when I was supposed to go to work.

Ugh. Sinus infections and Stomach Flu all in the month.

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