Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Herxing!!!

So one thing that is a little frightening for a Lyme patient (post major treatment) is to be treated with an antibiotic. I guess I can't say this for all Lyme patients, but for me ... I worry that there will be a Herx reaction. This is the reaction that occurs when large amounts of toxins are released into the body as bacteria die during antibiotic treatment. I've pretty much avoided anything stronger than Amoxil since my Lyme treatment. In fact, I've pretty much even avoided it by taking IV Vitamin C when I felt it was getting close to antibiotic time.

I've had both a Penicillin type medicine and a Macrolide and ... guess what folks ... no herx reaction! I've had a little pain in my back, but the pain could be attributed to how much I've been coughing. This sure beats the "Oh My, I'm about ready to die from all these bacteria dying" feeling. I really feel that I have this sucker beat. I mean sure I have a weak immune system due to this sucker and sure there are many other things going on in my body thanks to dear old Lyme ... BUT the fact that I am not herxing during antibiotic treatment for Bronchitis ... means that I am in fact, getting better!

(even though I'm still coughing up a lung or two due to the Bronchitis)

Today is the last day of antibiotic. Hopefully, I'll start feeling better. I should know by Wednesday if Zithromax took care of it or not.

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