Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Never ending Illness

I sit here not really knowing whether to laugh or cry. I'm sick of being sick. I'm sick of talking about being sick. I have been fighting illness since the early days of October. We're nearing the end of November! I've been somewhat concerned, but until today (well ugh really 'last night') I wasn't alarmed because it's starting again -- already.

Back up to September where I began to have an allergic reaction to something. We still aren't sure what caused the reaction, but needless to say I wound up at Urgent Care getting something I certainly avoid at all cost -- Steroid Shot. Also took home a round of Steroids to take at home too. I must have been glutton for punishment. Here I am two months later and I realize that it must be the catylist (sp).

In early October, I began to fight off the common cold. I fought it off dutifully with Vitamin C, Zinc, Magic drops and even some OTC medications. I could feel nasal drainage in the back of my throat and had sore throats due to this. I also had small headaches. I did the best I could until October 24th when it hit me like a 2x4. Within 3 days, I had a fever and excess nasal drainage coming out of the nostrils. It was the beautiful green color that nurses used to say indicated infection. In order to prevent another trip to Urgent Care, I scheduled an IV appointment. You all know how that went, but let's recap -- shall we?

On the Friday I went in and got stuck twice over a three hour period, but wound up going home with no IV's. I went back on Saturday and got the IV. All was right in my world -- so I thought. I woke up the next day realizing I hadn't pushed out the infection ... in fact I was worse. I dosed myself up with OTC meds and went to work hoping I'd be able to leave early. That was a no go for launch however. That night, my boss told me I could stay home and rest since I had been feeling so terrible. I used this time to run to the nearest Urgent Care. They prescribed Amoxicillin and all was right with the world -- so I thought. I took this for the amount of time and slowly felt better. I thought about asking my Lyme doc for something else, but I was feeling better so I decided to hold off. November 12th was the last day of my antibiotic and I was doing well (or so I thought).

A few days later, I started feeling a little bit off. I couldn't explain it really, but I did have a headache. By November 17th, I felt a touch of vertigo and of course that's the day of the infamous puking incident(s). We all know what happened there and I won't rehash (pun intended) that one again. So fastforward to today (well by now .. yesterday). I felt pretty good at work. No particular problems, but I did notice that my lungs felt heavy. However, they had been feeling that way since the vomiting commenced. So I *assumed* that it was from that.

Well around 6pm, I started getting a little tickle in my throat. I thought ,hmm that's odd, and went on my way. By 8pm, I was coughing to the point where I decided to take old trusty (well new reliable) Delsym so I'd sleep. (you see where that got me). I honestly feel like I either have another bout of Bronchitis OR Pneumonia. SERIOUSLY? Can't I just get well? (and some rest would be good too)

I'm going to go trodge off to bed feeling the heaviness in my lungs. And you know it's Thanksgiving Week ... I pretty much refuse to go to Urgent Care for the third or fourth time in 2 months and regular PCP is booked up and so is Lyme doc. I go for blood work in one week and my Lyme appt the Saturday afterwards. I've also sent my doc a letter similiar to this post.

Either way ... I just want to get well. AND STAY THAT WAY.

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