Monday, October 25, 2010

Vikings Kick Cancer

They are still calculating the fundraising total for Vikings Kick Cancer, but it was a total success. The competing high school raised almost 1,000 dollars and the feeding middle school brought in about 1,300 dollars. There are a group of tiny cheerleaders (I forget their official name) and they took around jars for cash. During the game, they raised 300 dollars. Who can say no to tiny cheerleaders asking for donations for Breast Cancer Research? Not me.

It was extremely hard to take photos since the game was held at night (obviously). Anyways, here are some photos from the 1st Annual Vikings Kick Cancer Football Game.

All of these are pre-game photos. It was a good hour before the game.

The Vikings wore Pink Jersey's.

The opposing team wore black jerseys and their numbers were outlined in pink. They also wore pink socks. Not the C on all their jerseys too.

These shirts were for sale to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and some people had their own special way to show off their "Pink." See "Twisdale" on the shirt. That was our beloved teacher.

Bunches of Pink Balloons walked by often to hand each individual a balloon or two for release at the start of the game.

Home Side of the game. :)

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