Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guessing Game

So lemme get real for a mome.

I am actually petrified of doctors. Terrified even. I remember once going to the Optometrist and trying to hide in the closet. I don't know where my fear came from, but it was always there. Still is if I'm being honest with myself. Other than the actual fear of Optometrists (and any doctor really), I fear the actual picking out of my glasses. So in between 7th and 8th grade, I was pretty much forced to go and get new glasses. A: My parents made me (thanks a lot Mom) and B: I really was struggling to see out of my old pair of glasses. So we went and I picked out a pair. I tried them on and thought I loved them. I thought I loved them UNTIL I saw them. Then because I felt so tortured there, I refused to go back for years ... I mean YEARS. I don't think I went for 5 or 6 years.

Of course when I went, my prescription had changed again drastically. I had someone go with me that I trusted to help me pick out frames. The trip was better, but not great. Then I started dating my husband and we went in to pick out frames. The visit was also traumatic, but the frames were byfar the best I had ever had. They were actually children's frames, but they fit my face perfectly. They were the pair I wound up marrying him in.

Sooner or later, it was time to go back. I was getting headaches and I knew that was my personal sign from God that I needed to go. But I was terrified. Then one day a lady came into the store I worked. She was so kind. Then I found out she worked for an Optometrist office right in the area. For weeks I went by and finally found the courage to go in. We worked together to find some frames and then eventually scheduled an appointment to go see the doctor.

Eventually, they got this new machine that made the visits less traumatic and there was a really awesome doctor too. I also never felt pushed to do anything I didn't want to do. It was awesome. Then a few years ago, I went in and realized that I could use a camera to help me decide on frames. This was the biggest blessing. Sooooo with all that said, today I went in to pick out new frames. I'll be going back in November for my appointment. I wanted to make sure that part of the stress of the appointment was out of the way so I went in today with camera. Can you guess which pair I chose?

Guess which pair of glasses I ordered:

Option A: I call them Steve Urkel

Option B: I call these Drew Carey. Btw: I don't know if Cleveland OH Rocks, but Cleveland NC isn't half bad.

Option C: I call these Sally Jessie Raphael's Cousin.

Option D: I call these 1955 George McFly.

Option E: Purple & Gold!

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