Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Immune Function


I do feel better this morning! My eyes aren't swollen (Yah God & Claritin). My fever is down to a typical person's temp (which is still high for me ... but I'll take it!). My throat isn't as on fire this morning. I'm hoping that my immune system is waking up saying, "Hey there's something here I'm supposed to be fighting" and actually getting the job done. Just to be on the safe side though, I"m taking Vitamin C, Tylenol & Claritin to work ... ya know just in case. :)

Original Post:

So there is something I have to be very cautious of. I have to watch out for large crowds and germs. Now as much fun as I had last week, I did do several things that were huge "uh ohs" for me. 1st: Crowd at the State Fair on a Sunday. 2nd: Thursday Night Work event in which I was in small place with lots of people. 3rd: Friday Night Vikings Kick Cancer Game 4th Saturday Marching Band Competition. Then Tuesday: I began helping out at another center with new teachers and new babies ..meaning new germs.

It only makes sense that I'd get sick. I'm feeling quite lousy. High Fever (for me) and sore throat. Not very lovely combination. IV on Friday. Pray for an easy stick.

** Added **

So apparently I've developed an allergy to Motrin. Sometimes I have "delayed" reactions to medications. So two hours after I took the Motrin (aka right now), my eye started itching. I just realized it's quite swollen. The good news is that my fever is down to a normal person's normal. I don't like to take OTC meds. I don't like how they make me feel (more or less most make me sleepy for 12 hours). So within 2 hours ... Motrin, Claritin (to help with the allergy) and .. now my Prescribed meds. I'm going to be conked out shortly .. miss my favorite show. :( I know. It's not the end of the world. But it is the one day a week I stay up until 9. That won't happen today.

Just pray for me regarding the Fever, Sore throat (and now add itchy eyes to that).

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Renee said...

Lifting you up in prayer..