Thursday, October 7, 2010

So far

My Xtra tab of Vitamin C, Xtra Zinc and magic drops seem to be working. I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. So I'll continue the regimen praying that it works well enough to keep me healthy during my trip. Only thing bad about the regimen is that if I overdo it on the Vitamin C, I'll spend the day in the bathroom. The rule about Vitamin C that I was given was .... (and: do not take my advice because I'm not a doctor, consult your doctor about anything before taking any vitamins or supplements PLEASE) you can take as much as you want, BUT ... once it gives you runny stools to back off by one gram. So I never know each spell whether I'm at last spells dose. So yesterday I took 6 grams in a 2 hour period. My stools are fine so far, but today I'll probably take 10 grams in 12 hours. If I can take more, I will. However I'm going to be very busy today so I may not have time to get it all in. Feels like a nursery school song.

Ole Doc Brown* gives out some meds
with ..
2 grams here
and 2 grams there
here a gram
there a gram
everywhere a gram gram
Ole Doc Brown gives out some meds

C = Vitamin C
Z = Zinc
O = over the top special magical drop

* 2 Million Bonus points to the first person that can accurately guess why I said "Ole Doc Brown."

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