Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fair Fun(k)

So this morning we woke early to head to the North Carolina State Fair. We typically go every 4 years or so and we were just there last year. But, we had so much fun last year (taking photos and looking around) that we decided to go back this year. I found out there was a spot to park for free so that was a bonus too. We get into the fair grounds and I realize right away that our day was not going to be as fun as anticipated. I pulled out my camera to take a photo of something and wham ... I realized that my memory card was at home.

I tried not to really let this bother me, but the only reason I go to the fair is to take pictures and to eat food. :o So we decided to go ahead and get some breakfast. The "good" part of the breakfast was that our biscuit was HOT. We had to wait for quite some time to get our breakfast and the rest was just mediocre. We looked around to find vendors that might would sell memory cards and looked around. We even left the fairgrounds and walked across several roads to by one at the gas station, but .. they didn't have one either! :O I think I found a new vendor market for the Fair! Memory Card Vendor.

So we walked around the flowers and realized we were starting to get hungry. I *love* roasted corn so we walked that way only to realize that it was a cash only place. Guess who had no cash? So we went to the ATM to wait in line. We waited there about 10 minutes only to realize this nice fact: guess who left her purse in the car (on purpose mind you so that I wouldn't have to lug it around) and guess who didn't know the pin number for the ATM tied to my account?

Was I disappointed about the card? yes. Was I disappointed about the money? yes. But, the angry people walking around was starting to rub off. So we decided to leave. We ate at TGIF and came home. Oh well. Guess we won't be going back for a few years .... that and we'll carry an extra memory card in the camera case ... ;)

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! That is the worst. I just hate when I go somewhere and forget my memory card. It drives me batty. I have never had roasted corn. It sounds good!