Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Six (er make that 7 )Days of LDN

I'm almost at the 7 days in a row of 1/2 cap of LDN! I was supposed to do 5 days in a row, but last night I still was feeling okay symptom wise so I decided to go ahead and do the 6th day. I typically do 2 or 3 rounds before moving on, but if I do well with the 6 days after skipping tonight I'll go ahead and move onto the 7 days in a row which means in the next week or two I'll be taking my first full 1mg dose since the headache debacle.

If I didn't have a small headache and I wasn't getting home late tonight (late for me is anytime after 8 and I'll be getting home around 9), I would go ahead and dose LDN tonight. If I'm home by 8:45, I may just do that.

I can't believe it's taken so long to get to where I could take 1mg, but it's the tortoise that wins the race.

** edited **

I did take my LDN last night! So I made it to seven days in a row! Yippee.

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