Saturday, July 31, 2010

Channeling my Inner Cowgirl

On Monday, we have a theme for dressing up. Sometimes we're asked to wear a specific color or wear clothes of our favorite teams, but on Monday we have something that I was either going to be silly about or not participate in. However, we found out that our big Vice President was coming to the school so we are all required to dress in Western Wear ~ aka come in wearing Cow Girl Clothes.

Well, I'm not one to do things 1/2 way. So we went to Good Will and found this awesome hideous shirt & vest. Then they had a pretty awesome hideous belt and shoes. In all, it was about 13 dollars for a pretty good cow girl outfit. Well, we decided to hit up Wally World to see if we could find a pretty decent cow girl hat and bandanna. Well, we did and when I got home I found my best pair of jeans country western pants. I put it all together and channeled my inner cowgirl. :) All in all, it cost 24 dollars to channel my inner country western look. How did I do?

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Kara said...

You look fabulous! You'd fit right in down here in Texas. You should hop on over. :-)