Friday, July 30, 2010

Beauty from the Ashes

Today my hubby took some photos of me that I will share later, but when going through them I found something that I had not looked at before. The morning of my Grandfather's funeral I took my time and put on my duds. My husband put on his duds and I thought that even though it was a painful day for my heart that we should take a photo together because honestly I have rarely felt more beautiful than I did on that day. I knew that my Grandfather would think that I was such a beauty and though it was hard ... we set up the camera and took a photo. I haven't had the heart to go through those photos and forgot they were there. When I was scanning through the photos we took today, I found them.

If you look close at my waist, you'll see that my husband held me up that day. He did so every day from the moment we knew it was close and held me up the day of the funeral. I just wanted to share.


Piper Belle said...

You guys look wonderful! I have such a handsome brother; must be the genes!

Jennifer said...

Oh Piper you let your mama type on your blog handle. How sweet. ;)