Thursday, July 15, 2010


So they were able to squeeze me in today. That's miracle number 1.

They were able to get my vein on the first try. That's miracle number 2. In the last month, every single IV was gotten in the first stick. So 5 IV's .. only 5 sticks. Pure Miracle (Or Skill .. probably a bit of both).

I have a fever today. In fact, it was even there at the doctor's office. I'm a weirdo. I'll have a fever of 103 at home and when I get to the doctor's office, it will be 98.6. Always causes me to roll my eyes. Anyways, today I had a low grade of 99.9 at home. When I got there, it had actually risen a whole degree. That never happens.

I got a treatment and I'm hoping that with some oral Vitamin C and magic drops that I will be feeling better in a few days. I am very grateful to some special people at the office. They truly don't know how much they have helped me over the last 3 plus years.

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