Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've done this a few other times, but I have come to the decision to moderate ALL comments on the blog. I had the setting for only moderating comments for posts older than 1 day, but with the 10 comments I received this morning I made the decision to moderate all of the comments. Fortunately, no one else has seen some of the nasty comments I've received, but I would like to keep it that way. So with that said, I have also disabled anonymous comments too. Since those are the ones that leave the nasty comments anyways.


PJ said...

I completely agree! I moderated my comments for a while and still have anonymous disabled. I hate that people can be so nasty! Know that I like your blog and have nothing but pleasant thoughts about you :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks PJ. There were two that made me choose this and I couldn't believe that someone could be so cruel. Well I guess I *can* believe it, but I just pray these comments were made from extremely bored people and not people that know me in real life. I would hate to think that someone I am friends with would say such nasty things (by leaving an anonymous comment).