Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeling better

Woke up this morning feeling a bit better. Woke up for the first time in days without actually feeling like I have a fever and while I haven't checked it, I'm going to assume that I don't have one. The massive amount of swelling in my nose along with any mucous to go along with it is non-existent meaning I can actually breathe in and out. Speaking of breathing, it doesn't hurt my back to breathe this morning either. This was the most worrysome part of yesterday. It hurt so bad to breathe that I was holding my breath most of the day. I am still coughing, but coughing for me lasts a long time after all other symptoms are gone. I do have a sore throat this morning, but again this is something that typically comes on at the first and end of the stage. Also my cough doesn't like like a dying seal this morning.

So between DayQuil, Magic Drops and the IV intervention, I am feeling so much better. I won't be able to take the DayQuil except at night because I'm an oddball and it actually makes me go to sleep. So I'm praying that it all stays away. I can deal with the cough, but what's a tad bit annoying is the way cough drops leave your mouth. Ya know the rough dry bumpy feeling I'm talking about? Just wanted to leave a cold update.

And I think I have a new nickname for the lady that inserts my IV's. Slick the one stick. Since March, she's had to do something with my veins 5 times. She did all 5 things (4 IV's and a blood draw) with only one stick a piece. Only one of those 5 times actually hurt throughout the IV and that was only a 30 minute IV and once it was out the pain was gone. In the last 4 weeks, I've had 5 IV's. Four have been done by "Slick" and one by S (guess she needs a name too eh?) "Schtick." In all honestly Shtick didn't do too bad. She got it in one stick and the IV stayed open the entire 30 minutes, but because it was in my hand ... it was painful. VERY painful. It bruised pretty bad, but because of her tip about the Neosporin (who knew that Neosporin could help bruises?) the bruising went down a lot quicker than normal. In fact a few days later and it was practically non-existant.

Unless there is an emergency of some sort, that should be my last needle until the 28th or so. That's when I get my lab work to see how my Iron is doing. It will be interesting to see how my other labs are since I've just had something that would probably play with my White Blood Cells. I just have to remember that 2 weeks prior to the labs I was sick so that if numbers look funny there, there is a good reason.

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Kara said...

So glad you are feeling better. :-) Have a peaceful Sunday. {{hugs}} ~Kara