Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ears Nose Throat

My Ears are popping. My Nose is dripping. My throat is scratchy. Add those things together and you have a pretty miserable Jennifer.

Between yesterday and today, I have had more water pass my lips than I usually do in about seven days. Yesterday was absolutely ridiculous. Not only was I having to drink the water for the IV, but I was actually thirsty. So I was drinking the bottles down as if I hadn't had any water in weeks. I thought it was bad yesterday until I woke today. I drank TWICE as much today as I did yesterday. What does this mean? I spent most of my day on the toilet. *sigh*

I thought I might be able to get another IV today, but that kind of fell through so I'll probably be drinking the same amount of water again tomorrow just in case. I know how it feels a day or two before Bronchitis sets in and that's how I am feeling today. I go from a small cold to Bronchitis pretty quickly so the quicker I can get help the quicker I'll feel better. I could wait until next week IF it turned into Bronchitis, but why wait when I can do something to prevent it from turning to Bronchitis this week. So I keep myself extra hydrated just in case I can be squeezed in for an IV.

Anyways as I told someone else, "I feel awful." It's so weird to feel awful and it not be a Lyme Disease awful. It's a normal reason to feel bad. I have a cold. Now because I do have Lyme I am more susceptible for the cold to turn into something nasty. So I'm just trying to stop it before the simple common cold turns into the nasty Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Right now, I'm drinking plenty of fluids (what an understatement) and getting plenty of rest.

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Kara said...

I hear you! It is no fun to feel awful no matter what the cause.
I currently have a cold and was breezing my way through it until I did a lyme kill. Uh-oh. The cold picked up speed ... awful would be a good word choice to describe how I've felt since Sunday. On the up side, it is moving through fairly quick. :-)
Sending prayers your way. I hope yours is very short-lived. {{hugs}} ~Kara