Friday, October 26, 2012

Sad IV and Blood draw day.

I arrived early. I always do.  This was after drinking a ton of water for the last 3 days and after drinking a ton of water this morning.  I even did the newly "suggested" 1/2 gatorade and 1/2 water method last night.  I came in and sat down and got warm under the heating pad.  I continued to drink until my eye balls were floating.  Then - "A" mentioned to "S" to get me started. I've never met "S" - and "A" knows of my terrible vein history.   I think "A" was terrified to even try.  I explain to "S" that if she KNEW how tough I was she would have said no.

Long story short, "S" blew two of my veins.  I tried to explain as best as I could how shallow my veins are and that they collapse easily if they aren't hit at exactly the right angle which is different than other people's angles - we were positive. BUT, she punctured right through them.  I shook my head and a tear fell down my cheek, but not out of pain. I was simply crying because the more veins she blew through - the harder it will be to get next time.   She looked some more and sent me back to my seat to warm up again and drink more water.  She was shocked when she saw how many empty bottles of water I had. She left the room and a short while later "J" came in. 

J has tried me twice before. Once was a miss and once was a hit.  She studied my arms and then gave me two options.  I chose one of them - she stuck - and I held my breath - it went in.  It took over 15 minutes to fill 3 tiny vials.  Then she hooked up the IV. I had to watch the drip rate the entire time because my IV was very positional.  If I moved my arm at all, the drip rate would slow.

So glad today is over.

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