Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Year ago Today

My cell rings and I recognize the number.  I smile because it's my best friend from college.  I remember my plans for that Saturday very vividly. We had discussed them online several times.  I was going to be going to my LLMD's office to get a hyperbaric treatment and then I was going to eat something and then I was going to head out on a 3 hour drive to see him because I hadn't met his lady yet and they were engaged.  So I was really surprised when I saw his number pop up on the cell screen. I quickly answered the phone with the old style "Wassssssssssssup."  I figure it was last minute details about Saturday. 

Boy did I figure right on the money.  He asks me how quickly I can get to his area.  I hesitate trying to calculate how long my HBOT was going to last and how quickly I would be getting out of the chamber.  I tell him.  He asks if there is anyway I can be there earlier.  I ask why.  We had after all discussed my day at length.  Then he says,

"because we're getting married on Saturday"

I was thrown into a little bit of excitement and a little bit of shock.  I told him I would try my absolute best to be there by wedding time.  I immediately knew that I would cut my HBOT chamber session short by 30 minutes and pre-pay so that I could jump out of the chamber and leave as soon as the chamber was done (sometimes there is a line after getting out so it takes a while to pay).  I also knew I'd have to go dressed (or take my clothes for the wedding and change at my LLMD's office after the HBOT treatment).  Like I said, I was shocked - and excited.  I was going to get to meet my best friend from college - his future wife - like 2 minutes before the wedding (literally as it turned out). 

Today - I head back out to celebrate with them as they celebrate their anniversary.   That's exciting.

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