Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tired after fun day

I went all the way to Hickory NC (3 hour and 20 minute drive for me one way) to see my friends and got a bonus surprise.  Got to see another college buddy that I haven't seen in 13 years come December.

I took a lot of  pictures of course - but my friend's camera card died - and none of the pictures of me are available to share (because she took pictures of me on my camera and I took photos of them on my camera). 

However, here is one at the park we went to after eating. I feel like the leaves were much brighter last year. 

If you guys haven't figured it out yet, I love photography.  Yesterday I took 117 and only 3 were too blurry.   And I also figured out this morning how to change a photograph in the camera from color to black & white.  I played around with photographs that didn't matter (IE the laundry room wall with the brooms & such) and got the hang of it so that I think when I want to actually alter them on the spot that I'll be able to. 

Made it the first 3 days of antibiotics.  It was tough.  Plaquenil was especially tough.  At the end of the week I go to get my blood work done.  They'll test for the MTHFR gene and other stuff.  I'll also be picking up another "killer" supplement.

In other news:  Our garage is clean enough to park one vehicle in it.

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