Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breathing relief

Today was the 5K.  I will write more in depth tomorrow, but I wanted to make a list of the "cool" things that happened today.

  • Saw 14 Lyme Friends
  • Had 11 Non Lyme friends and family there to support me.  
  • I knew many others that were there.  
  • I was overwhelmed.  I shed a tear or two or maybe twenty.
  • I took over 300 photographs at the walk.  
  • I only deleted 10 of them due to blurriness (I'm improving).
  • I took a picture of a Lyme friend that told me yesterday that she takes horrible pictures - that no one can take her picture.  I said she hadn't met me yet and I'd get a great shot.  Challenge accepted - I squatted down - I had her smile - I snapped the shot.  And in ONE try - it was perfect.  :} I can't wait for her to see it on her computer!
  • My Mom & Brother came out to support me.  I wasn't expecting them and they showed up.  I shed a tear or two - okay maybe twenty.
  • An AWESOME blog reader of several years & his wife came - I took tons of pictures of them, but failed (this is what happens when I'm the photographer!) to get a picture of the three of us together.  Guess it just means we'll have to hang out again in the future and get that photo. Sometimes I wonder if my blog is reaching anyone.  I wonder if I'm just writing a journal to myself.  That's why I started Living the Lyme Life in the first place.  And then, just when I was thinking about giving it up - stepping back - I get an email. Yes, I am reaching people.  One - Two - Twenty thousand. It doesn't matter.  I reached one. One is enough for me.
And this is how we felt when we didn't place - because we're too slow.  But man - my blog reader turned now friend -  He ran the mile (or maybe he walked - I don't know because I was almost dead last in the mile walk - ) and then -- get this folks -- he ran the 5K.  I told him to give me a sad face because we "lost" and this is what I got.  My new friend cracks me up. You know who you are - Thanks for coming today.  I wasn't expecting it (even after I got your email because things happen at the last minute) - and you and your wife really made my day.  And yes, that's his gorgeous wife next to him.  I got his permission to post this picture cause he's awesome like that!  Thanks "Mr. K." LOL.  You know all those Dr. P's - and Dr. J's and Dr. D's and Dr. Initials - I dub you Mr. K. LOL.  Have Mrs. K friend request me on facebook and you can see all 250 pictures I uploaded. See Mr. K's photo on the official 5K post.  I removed this one. 

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