Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weird Symptoms and Pretty Awesome

So the funny thing is that I have symptoms that to a "normal" person would sound weird, but to me there almost always there so they are no longer weird or unusual. I think , "Oh that's back. Hmmm." Then I go on about my day. Then there are symptoms that even I go, "okay that's weird."

I'd show you a picture except it's really impossible to get great pictures of "rashes" or "bumps." Co-incidentally about 10 minutes after taking my first new supplement that's supposed to Detox -- but really .. 10 minutes, I highly doubt they are related -- anywhoo -- what was I saying? Oh yeah, I got into bed and realized that my back was itching.

I've learned that when I itch that it is better to kind of "rub" the itches rather than to "scratch" the itches because when I scratch it leaves red welts on my skin which makes skin irritations look worse than they are so that when I finally look at whatever is itching that I'm surprised by the red raised mess that's there.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I get into bed and realize my back is itching. I rub my right shoulder to ease the itching and feel tiny bumps. I rub my left shoulder and feel bumps. I ask my husband to get up and check my back and surely enough there is a rash on my back. I thought that was weird. The next morning the rash itself looked to be gone, but it was still a little bumpy by feel. I can't really feel it today.

So today I woke and my throat was hurting. This isn't all entirely unusual for me. Sometimes I wake up and it hurts for about 5 minutes and I'm good to go. I continue about my day and while we're out eating I get this kind of "clogged throat" feeling. It is a feeling I used to get all the time and I can't describe it anymore than I feel like my throat is closing up, but it's actually not swelling at all.

I think that maybe a little piece of food was stuck on the roof of my mouth so I start messing around up there with my tongue and feel a little bump. I get in the vehicle later and look and there are a bunch of little bumps towards the back of my throat including one little white one. *great*

So it's one of a few things that I think is going on.

A: I have some kind of virus that just has to pass.
B: I'm detoxing some kind of awful producing these toxins to release into my skin (and mouth).
C: The Yeast Overgrowth on the inside of my body has come out to play on the outside of my body.
D: A combination of any of the above.

For the record, I haven't had a fever. I don't think it's strep. Also, it's what I get for going out in public with a whole bunch of people yesterday! Should have known, but I had fun! Who can blame a girl for wanting to have fun?

Pretty awesome day even through all the weird symptoms.


darlabrown1 said...

Perhaps you are allergic to the new detox supplement?

Jennifer said...

I don't think so, but that's always a possibility. With the few nights I've taken it, I've not gotten a rash on my back or anywhere else.

Just this mouth thing --

we think it's yeast die off. I'll show my LLMD office tomorrow when I go. I took a picture of it, but I'm not about to go posting a photo of my throat! There's *sharing* and then there is *sharing.*