Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have to admit that I really enjoy the HBOT treatments. The first few times it made me nervous, but after I got comfortable with the size of the machine and started watching movies in there instead of listening to music I really began to enjoy my time in the machine.

On my 4th treatment though, what I like to call the "Jennifer Jinx" happened. I got in and about 10 minutes in the oxygen wasn't coming out of the nasal cannula. They couldn't figure out what had happened and the guru wasn't there so they got me out of there and I came back the next week when it was fixed.

Off and on something would happen. Typically whatever the "Jennifer Jinx" was happened at the beginning of the dive (IE the oxygen wasn't coming out) and then a couple of times ago, in the middle of the treatment all the sudden the machine turned off. Well apparently when the maintenance people were changing a light bulb in the lobby, a breaker flipped causing the circuits that were powering the HBOT to shut off. So I got out of the machine while we waited for them to fix that and got to finish my treatment.

Last time I went in and there were no complications.

Then there was today. The Jennifer Jinx was in full force. I got into the machine and laid down. I plugged in my ear plugs, put on my oxygen mask and got ready to relax. The machine was turned on, the oxygen came out streaming and I was good to go. Gave the thumbs up and she left me to enjoy my 90 minutes in peace. Well about 5 minutes into it I began to have a really weird feeling that something wasn't right. The Oxygen was flowing, but something didn't feel right. So I looked around and realized that the machine wasn't inflated all the way. I made a quick phone call to the front office (because I knew I'd be able to explain better on the phone than through the machine window).

She came to check it out. Sure enough, something wasn't right. So I had to wait there while they fixed it. It was something about they changed out a part and there were now two switches to flip instead of just one. The person that put me in didn't realize it so they only flipped one switch. Or something like that. Anyways, they restarted the machine. I got my time in the machine. But still there is something about the Jennifer Jinx. It's almost to the point where I wanna say, "What's going to happen this time?" Good thing I'm not HBOT claustrophobic. For the record, I was safe and had oxygen the entire time.

OH, my blood tests came back. Or at least part of them. I couldn't see them though because my LLMD hasn't signed off on them yet, but --- they told me that it was all normal. and the tests that came back ... included vitamin d. It's been FOREVER since Vitamin D has been normal. I mean I can't remember the last time it wasn't severely deficient. They said it looked great, but of course I didn't see it myself. No telling what the other labs will look like. Hopefully I'll be able to pick them up next week when I go in for my HBOT.


Krystal J. said...

Glad you enjoy the HBOT so much!! Have you ever had the CD-57 test run?

Jennifer said...

Krystal, you'll see that in my newest blog that I did get the CD57 run with these latest labs.

It wasn't pretty.