Monday, February 13, 2012

Guard Show

So Saturday was the annual guard show near my home. I love this show even though it is one of the first shows to perform so the guard shows aren't ready completely. I know that most of my guard instructor friends will be at this show and I typically run into a few people I know. However, I had decided I was not going. First I had plans out of town and second I wasn't feeling my best.

I'll leave out the details of why I wasn't feeling well, but I wound up not feeling well enough to drive 3 hours to my friend's house. So I stuck close to home. While I was pursuing the "interwebs" (as my husband calls it), I came across the guard show and struck up a conversation with a friend I marched with 16 years ago. She was going to the show with her daughter. About 45 minutes before it started, I started feeling a little better. So I decided since it was close (15 minutes or less) that I would go ahead and go.

It was pretty cool that we haven't seen each other in about 16 years and we picked right up where we left off. Great friends are like that. I loved most of the guard's concepts even if some of them took me a little bit to "catch on" to the theme. I was in guard for a while with one lady that teachers several guards. So I always say hey to her when I go to shows. Not to mention, her family was so kind to us when we moved. I know this family needs prayers right now so if you could please lift them up that would be great. Then my best friend's sister works with another guard so I got to see both of his sisters and nephew. That's always fun.

OH and I got to meet another Lymie at the show! I was sitting in my spot (Yeah I'm like Sheldon in that way) and a guard came out and I said, "HEY that looks like Carey." So I strained my pretty little eyes and was about 99 % positive I was right so after the shows were over, I went over and said, "You recognize my face?" Seriously? That's the best I can do? I gotta come up with something better when I recognize someone I know online. So if you guys have any ideas since I tend to run into people pretty often, let me know. Seriously, my line was dumber than dumb. Of course, I was having an extreme Lyme moment so forming sentences was quite difficult. To Carey's credit, Carey knew exactly who I was.

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