Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sad little labs

I was so hopeful that my labs would look good, but I knew based on symptoms that something had to be off in my blood. We looked at several things, but mainly things that I've had borderline trouble or things that I have had trouble in the past that haven't been tested recently.

What did we test? Well we looked at the standard CBC. This test looks at everything from White Blood Cells to Platelet Counts. In the last five years, they have varied. However, they've always been within normal limits with the exception of Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and Platelets were off a couple of labs in 2010. There was no exception in these labs from February 8th. My CDC looked good. So I was very happy with them. They actually did CBC from two different labs. They looked very similar and were right in the perfect range for *most* of the things they looked at.

Then they tested my Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. These two tests are the most common blood tests out there. Mine were pretty unremarkable and have been but there are a couple of them that border on low. One is my sodium. Now what you may not realize is that Sodium is important. When it's on the lower end of normal, it concerns my doctor. It is a little indictor for him that things aren't quite where they should be health wise. My liver enzymes gave me a little "eye brow" raise as they were a little higher than they have been, but unless he specifically mentions them I won't worry. I bet they'll go down the next blood work.

My Vitamin D was perfect. I couldn't be happier regarding the Vitamin D numbers.

Then there are the CD tests. Now I will never really understand the CD numbers, but they are some that quite a few lyme doctors take stock in. Now remember how I was taking all that LDN -- or was trying to take the LDN ... it was for this number CD56. You won't believe this -- in fact, I am struggling to believe it, but it is within normal range and I'm not on that medicine for it. Not only is it in normal range, but it's in a really good portion of the normal range. I was shocked.

Well now for the sad part of these little labs. I have always bordered on the low end of Cortisol. He tests for it every now and again and typically he gives me some kind of natural support to help. Well yesterday I received a phone call from my LLMD's office. My labs were back and that some of the labs were low so he wrote a prescription for something to take care of it. Well my cortisol is so low that he felt it necessary to write a prescription. In addition, my CD57 is in the toilet. This is one that "they" say is the marker of how well your body is actually doing. The lowest normal number is 60. Mine was 19.

So I start a new medicine tomorrow. I'm VERY nervous about it. I have to be on it for four weeks and then get retested to see how the medicine helps my cortisol. I'm worried about what the results will mean in the end. I'm not *really* worried as I know it will all work out, but nerves are there.

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