Monday, February 20, 2012

Response to comment

Hey there Christina! ;) I don't mind posting how I felt about the Borrelia Series. So the Borrelia series caused me a lot of herx reaction. If you're doing the Borrelia series in the little vials. The small box with 10 vials in it. I took all 10 and then started to go backwards with the second box, but it was just a little too "much" for my body at the time. So we switched to something else. Which honestly I can't remember the name of .. Tick Nosode or something like that. I was working on that, but this last visit we switched to something different. I've heard from a lot of people that they herx on Borrelia Series which obviously we're supposed to do --- but I couldn't tolerate it so we went in a different direction. If I had been at home instead of working full time, I would have probably continued it. I'm not sure how this new stuff will work because honestly I've only been on the 2nd bottle of stuff for a couple of days. I've been on the detox stuff for a week. We'll see. Plus throw in the new stuff for Cortisol and I don't really know what's doing what if that makes sense.

I was having trouble with my email, but didn't want your comment to go unnoticed. Hope this helps. :)

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c_kovacs said...

Thank you SO much for writing this post! Yes, I'm doing the series where I take one vial, wait 3 days then take the second etc. the website says its a very tough treatment as far as herding and being strong. I take Epsom salt baths almost daily, I quit work & school to get treated so I'm hoping I can detox continually enough to where I can tolerate it. Once again I appreciate the update it's nice to hear from someone who actually tried it, it's hard to find anyone else out there!