Saturday, February 11, 2012

My past week

My week was *curayzee* (crazy). Saturday evening I took my first dose of the detox supplement. I'm supposed to be on this detox supplement for a week before starting the bottle that targets Borrelia. So I opened up the bottle, pulled out the capsule and thought ... there is no way this is doable, but I'll try it. So I pulled out a small container of applesauce and began to pry open the capsule.

Now LDN capsules are hard to open, but this one ... I almost pulled out my husband's pocket knife to cut the sucker in 1/2. So I sprinkle that bad boy (well probably 1/4 of it because that sucker was huge!) in the applesauce and attempt to swallow. Let the gag reflex begin. Ugh. It was terrible. It took 20 minutes to take this ONE capsule. Twenty minutes later I was feeling really nauseated. I stayed nauseated the whole night. The next morning I got up and opened up the bottle. Just the smell knocked me over so I emailed my guru and said, "Look this ain't happening pal, give me the GL version." Okay I didn't say it that way, but bottom line was my guru ordered one in a dropper form so that I could do "one drop" at a time. I picked that up yesterday and started my first dose last night. We'll see. I did the 3 drops and wasn't gagging. WEIRD thing was that I got a rash on my back. I don't know if it's related or not. Probably not, but just a major coincidence.

So the rest of the week. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

I had my class on Tuesday. I have no idea how I'm doing in that class because we're more than 5 weeks in and we have only received one grade. Hopefully that one grade is indicative of how I'm doing in the rest of the assignments. Turned in the assignment early since I knew I wouldn't be feeling up to it on the rest of the week.

I had my treatments on Wednesday. My LLMD wanted me to get some blood work and I was scheduled for an IV. So, they are kind of enough to always try to get the blood from the IV insertion site so it doesn't take multiple sticks. They look and finally go back to the one in my left hand. This little vein isn't going to hold up much longer. I'd say I don't' know what I'd have to do if I got the IVs more than once a month, but I do know what would happen. I would get another line.

So she inserts it and tries to get blood out. One tube came out "ok," but the second tube started hemolyzing. So they made a rash decision to use the first tube for my "fasting" blood work and go ahead and start my IV. I went back to my chair and warmed up my right arm. I was hoping they would find something and I wouldn't have to come back next week for another try. After warming up for about 20 minutes, she came over and got me. They drew no less than 12 vials. I really don't know how many were up there ... but it seemed like quite a lot. They drew "extra" just in case one vial hemolyzed and they also had to draw two tubes extra to throw away since I was getting an IV during the blood draw. I went in yesterday and they said my blood work was fine -- should get back next week one day. I finished up my IV and on a whim asked if I could get 60 minutes in the HBOT. They approved it and I enjoyed my rest in the chamber. By the time I left the chamber, I had energy. More energy than I've had in a month! Not sure if there was something regarding mixing the IV and the HBOT right after, but I'm telling you ... I felt wonderful!

On Thursday, I had planned an "easy & restful" day. I got my hair done. That was my plan, but ... we also needed to take our "puppy" (aka over 10 years old) to the vet to get rabies vaccination. I asked for Saturday, but they were booked the next two. This was kind of urgent so they squeezed us in on Thursday afternoon so we could just get the one shot. And by us, I mean Dexter & me. Husband was dutifully working. :) We'll take him back in a few weeks to get the rest of the stuff he needs. Then after bringing back the dog, I went to eat dinner with my best friend. Now I'm telling you --- I do not know where I would be if it weren't for this person. I remember a time before he was in my life, but life became significantly better once we were friends.

Friendship is like wine (or so I've been told ... never drank the stuff personally -- tried to once .. spat it out ... yuck) -- it only gets better with age. The best friend isn't the one you go out and do things with all the time. A best friend isn't the one you have the most in common with ... A best friend is the person that you can sit in the car and talk for hours without realizing hours have passed. *oops* I have always said that you should never take your best friend for granted. You just never know what could happen. My Mom recently lost hers. I know it's tough. I thank God every day for sending me mine.

That brings us to yesterday. Yesterday was the day the assignment was due. Can you see how I never would have finished it if I had waited? Don't wait for tomorrow when you can do it today --- Oh don't get me wrong, I'm the queen of procrastination (ask that of the laundry that has been sitting waiting for me for weeks), but that's not the important stuff. Yesterday I called up to the LLMD to find out of my new formula for the supplement had arrived. It had. So I went and picked it up. None of the blood work was back, but I hadn't expected it to be. Our lab called the big lab to make sure my blood was good for testing. It was.

Does anyone remember the day the lightning struck our house? Anyone that knows me knows that I don't spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, but one day this week I got a hankering for a "shake." So I decided to throw a whole bunch of ingredients together into the blender and blend. I pre-froze yogurt into cubes so I wouldn't have to "just use ice." This took 3 or 4 hours you see. SO by the time I got to the blender part, I was really kind of excited to taste this concoction. I threw in blueberries, a little bit of water, a little bit of vanilla flavored powder and the frozen cubes into the blender. Can you see where this is going? I pressed power. *nothing* The blender stared at me in stunned silence. I thought maybe it wasn't plugged in. So I unplug everything and find the blender cord and plug it in. I press power. *nothing* The blender just stared at me taunting me with my ingredients sitting in it. So, I look at the switch and wonder if something is wrong with it. I reset the switch and try again. *nothing* I move the blender to another switch. Can you say desperate? The blender looks at me and laughs. I scratch my head and say bump it. I pull out a hand mixer ... AN ELECTRICAL HAND MIXER YA'LL and I blend ... and I blend and I blend ... I was desperate for this shake and I wasn't about to go to Wendy's!

So last night, my husband and I go to get a new one, a new blender. Why get a 30 dollar blender when you can get a 130 dollar one?

I'll be blending like a Ninja baby! Okay maybe not, but it works .. and is very sharp. Don't touch it. I won't tell you how I know (ok if you insist ... amazon reviewers). *no injuries of the wife or the husband occurred while making a smoothie, but that smoothie did not taste good .. didn't have any bananas and bananas make a smoothie.

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