Friday, May 7, 2010

Feel Lyme through my Hands!

First the eyes. Now the hands. Anyone ever see anything like what's on my middle finger? It doesn't go all the way around the finger. Just right as you see it. Lyme Disease is so weird sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer...I have the same thing on the front of my left middle finger, strange finger to be affected isn't it?

Renee K

Jennifer said...

Interesting. Mine looks better today.

Coloradosnowbaby said...

i have it too- in fact, the worst one i've ever had. my naturalpath dr. says it is strep. I have a high strp tieter too. It is SO strange, but she says that the strep will come out any way it can... the last one I had looked like a huge boil on the pad of my middle finger.
It boils down to infections (like 'chronic strep') try to protect your lyme disease.

20AshlyKay10 said...

I've got wart-like things on my right hand. I have a cluster of them in the center of my palm, one on the bottom side of my pointer finger, and one between the nail and first joint on my middle finger. I'll post a picture on my blog soon so you can see it if you want.