Sunday, May 2, 2010

See Lyme through MY Eyes

My eyes are swollen & puffy from unknown substances today.
This used to happen often.
Now not so much, but today a reminder
of Lyme Disease.

Let me allow you to see how I see things without my glasses.
Lyme did not take my vision away. Good ole Genetics did that! :P

Yesterday I allowed myself to lay down all day. I just rested and watched television as visions of my last moments with my Grandfather bounced through my head. Some of those moments were from a week ago Saturday and some of them were from Thursday as we laid him to rest. Around 6:30pm, I was tired. Really tired. I had told my husband on Tuesday that if I stopped I would cry and if I cried, I would sob and if I sobbed I would get myself sick. I knew that no one wanted that (especially ME) so I just kept going and going (and going). Then on Saturday, I stopped. I rested all day.

Around 6:30, I started feeling awful. I decided that since I would be going back to work on Monday that I just needed to sleep. So I slept for 13 hours. I woke up feeling really well. I woke up feeling rested and alive. I got up and realized that something was off though. I couldn't figure out exactly though until I felt my face with my hands. I realized right away that something was really off.

I ran off to the bathroom to take a look and found my face was swollen. My nose, my eyes .. pretty much my entire face was swollen. I washed it off in hopes it would go down soon. It did .. well except the eyes & nose. They are still swollen. Do you know how hard it is to get a photo of swollen (and rashes for that matter)? They always look so much worse in person than in photograph.

In any case, probably good old allergies did this number. Either something new is blooming outside or I'm sensitive to the Peony flower Rob brought in or I'm sensitive to the funeral plants. The only thing "new" to us are the flowers and the ceiling fan. I better not be allergic to the ceiling fans. That would stink. :P

So See Lyme through MY Eyes, my swollen crazy sensitive eyes!

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