Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Now the worst disappointment I ever faced was a choice that my parents made when we moved from the only town I ever knew (dramatic enough?) to another town that might as well had been in another state.

I just said this in a post on Sunday about Strong Mothers. More specifically about MY Mother.

Well as if God was trying to say to me, "See it was the right decision to move there" I had two phenomenal friends call and ask to just hang out. As I was sitting in the restaurant with my best friend talking about life for almost 2 hours and then sitting in a car with another listening to music and talking about nothing for the same amount of time, I realized how extremely blessed I am in the friend department.

My best friend and I see each other often (sometimes twice a week, but sometimes only once a month ... still that's often). Now the other friend and I don't get to see each other often at all, but when we do it's as if no time has passed at all (I think the previous time we had seen each other it was about 18 months ago. I dunno really I remember I still had my PICC Line in).

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