Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Fatal tick-borne cat illness on the rise"

This morning on WRAL (my local news station), they had an interesting report on a tick borne infection transmitted to CATS. I dont' want to copy the entire newsarticle, but here is the link to

"Fatal tick-borne cat illness on the rise."

This is what I found interesting:

Dr. Adam Birkenheuer (the vet) said, "We have already seen three cases in the past two weeks, which is pretty remarkable for an infection that is not ‘supposed to be here."

Did more research and apparently it's transmitted through the American Dog Tick which causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in humans as well as Cytauxzoonosis and RMSF in animals.

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Anna McCarthy said...

Sure makes sense to me. I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever 40 years ago and it was impressive....This year we have so much rain and so many ticks. Ay yay. Away we go.