Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blood work update

I asked for you guys to pray that my blood would be drawn easily. I will say that it was a difficult process, BUT today I had a miracle. Before I left the house, I drank over 60 ounces of water and then had more once I arrived there. I used a heating pad on each arm and patiently waited. My arms were examined and then I was left to warm again. One tourney on each arm to find the best possible site. There was a bunch of feeling, confused looks and finally she marked my arms in two places with a pen. She continued to look and feel. Finally decided to take a jab at it (pun intended). I took in a deep breath and was very verbal in my love for her when she got the needle in and the vein didn't collapse.

Now this is where things get tricky. Carefully holding the needle/pressing veins/putting tubes on to fill each tube for testing, she managed to get everything she needed for my tests. Now in the past, after about a 1/2 tube ... the needle has to be pulled and we go through the process again. However, today .. TODAY.. March 10, 2010 ... My fabulously skilled friend in the field of Phlebotomy was able to draw my blood in ONE STICK!

SO please pray for the results. I need for all my lab work to be in normal range. I would rather not have any more needles for the next year. :D

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