Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love my dogs part 2

Our red headed baby girl is over 10 years old. I just love her. After we nicknamed our black & white lab Bark E Bark & the Funk Butt, it was inevitable that this beauty would have her own nickname. When we realized quickly that if your mouth is even a mm open, she'd lick until her heart was content (or until we said, "stop that.") .. the name Sure Licks a Lot suited her. That little crab there? It lasted probably 10 minutes. Poor little stuffed crab.

We got Sure Licks a Lot a few months after Funky Butt. I had gone with a friend to one of her friend's house. I will not dwell on the dwelling she lived in, but let's just say there were a bunch of kids and a bunch of animals. It was not conducive for this little red head. (or should I say BIG red head). Sure Licks a Lot was at least 26 pounds when we got her. She was never fed dog food, but ate Spam instead. I found her under the couch shivering at the dwelling (can't even call it a home). They gave her a way. They gave away this beautiful little (er big) red head. I was going to take her to the same SPCA we got Funky Butt from, but fell in love over night. We had to put her on a strict diet. She didn't like that so much, but she's not slim & trim.

She is not too fond of this white stuff we call snow though. She goes outside though because she knows when she returns inside she'll get to eat. She loves her stomach. She thinks about her stomach 99 percent of the day. I love her! :o) She spent practically all weekend on the couch with me. Because of her crazy first 2 and 1/2 years of life, she would prefer to be in her crate so when she chooses to spend time on the couch snuggled up it's so relaxing.

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