Friday, February 5, 2010

I love my new ...

Check out my newly designed banner!
I got a huge surprise when I got home from work yesterday.
My GRACIOUS friend Dawnua made me something.
She actually made me two somethings.

So let me tell you a story.
The past few weeks I've been going through what I would call a funk.
It's been a funk that I am trying to
pull myself out of by posting all the things I love.
Wednesday night I made a simple request to God and wouldn't you know
that on Thursday morning he answered it through Dawnua.

I would love for all of you to meet Dawnua.
She has a heart of Gold and the most beautiful family
and a desire to promote Lyme Disease Awareness.
She has a cafe press shop where her
designs are for sale.
Here is an example of one of her shirts.
If you click the shirt,
it will take you straight to
Cafe Press to buy it.

Check out the Lymies Unite Cafe Press Shop
and help her raise funds to pay for
Lyme Disease treatments for her husband
which are insanely expensive.

Also if you go to her Lyme blog
by clicking her banner below

there is a special donation box to the right.
Any little bit helps.

Where does the header come in?
Well Dawnua designed it.
And make a donation for Scott's treatment
you could get a custom made banner too!
Check out her blog.
I love it.
I love my new header.
I love Dawnua.

You'll hear more about her in the future.


DDawson said...

Thanks so much Jennifer. I am so glad you loved the banners and that it was just what you needed on that day. It's humbling to be used by God! Don't give up girl! You can beat LD!

Jennifer said...

I think it's not the LD that's the struggle. It's all the little things that LD causes.