Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm outta here

I am leaving in a few moments first to go to work and then half way through my work day .... leave to go to Western Carolina. :)

I am going to see THIS SHOW from WCU's Pride of the Mountains Marching Band.

They are absolutely awesome and absolutely HUGE. I marched with them one season and it was the best experience of my life (barring all the sickness on my part). I had so much fun and today I return to my college town to revisit a time in my life where I had a blast on the football field. :) I will missing one special friend though. Really one of my best marching buddies from my college days. I won't know what to do with out him, BUT ....

I'm going to hang out with my friend from high school Kellie.

My cold/cough excluded I will have a great time. :) I'm only taking my heparin and my doxychlor drops (and some cough medications just in hopes that I won't keep Kellie up all night with my horrible hacking)


Melissa said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! take photos and show off those Catamount Formations! :-D LONG LIVE THE BAND GEEKS!

Jennifer said...

WOOO HOOO. I took tons of photos and even some videos. If I knew how to load them ... I so would. You would appreciate it.