Friday, October 3, 2008

Find Kelly Currin

I know I do not not have a huge following nor are the people that read my blog in the Granville County area of North Carolina, but if by chance you are ........ please help them find Kelly. Obviously the longer a woman is missing, the worse the outcome. The other thing you can do is pray that the family can find her.

There is a missing lady from the town I grew up in. I went to high school with her and her brother. I did not know her, but was acquaintances with her brother. Kelly was friend's with many of my friends however and still lives in the same county.

She has been missing for a month now. The facts that are known are this:

Kelly is 28 years old. She has two children and married to a man named Scott Morris. The authorities have found her car which had her keys, purse and cell phone a mile from her house shortly after her disappearance. Kelly's house was on fire and burned down the same day she disappeared. According to the authorities, Kelly has not been found in the home.

The family has offered a 30,000 dollar reward for information that leads to finding her. I saw this on a comment on WRAL's story on her.

"On behalf of the Currin family, we are requesting any and all available personnel for a continued missing person search in Granville County. We will meet at the Orange County Rescue Squad in Hillsborough at 0630 Saturday morning. We will meet at the Currin Construction company on the northwest corner of Old Weaver Trail and NC Highway 50 in Wake County just south of the Granville County line at 0700. Please pass this along to anyone and everyone that you know so we can get as large a group as possible. We have been asked about horseback and ATVs. All are necessary and greatly appreciated. Please forward this email to all those you know and any listserv you may be a part of to help gather those who can work beside us to assist the Currin Family and the Hollis Family in bringing their daughter home." by member: betty8i

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