Thursday, October 16, 2008

Football Friday Fun

I haven't posted about my fun last week until now because I've been focusing on my hand healing, thinking about Tricia and hoping for the best outcome in the Kelly Currin Morris case.

In any case, I had a blast at the football game. Shortly after Dad and I arrived home from the band room, Kellie called. Kellie is one of my friends from the good old band days. Oh what fun we had in the high school days from band camp to band competitions. So when we found each other on facebook, we decided that we had to get up together for a football game. We have not seen each other in 14 years. So shortly after she arrived, we all left to go to the game. We walked into the band room that we had walked into many times. It was bizarre to see the same room with all these youngin's in it. (Here's the picture off of Kellie's camera that was taken by some random person at the game. Ain't half bad for two old fogy's with glasses.)

We "marched" our way up to the football field with the band. We didn't intend to, but once a band geek --- always a band geek. We found ourselves rolling our feet to the beat of the drum, laughing all the way up to the field. We lingered standing, but after the band performed their pre-game show (aka Star Spangled Banner & the Fight Song) ... we had to find a seat.

We watched our team do their best, but lose they did. We got to see, not one, but two half time shows. Our rival high school was there performing their show as well. So that was a blast to be able to see two shows in one shot. We walked over to get something to drink and saw "fashion statements" that should have stayed at home. The most noticeable thing was a pair of neon orange high heel pumps. (and to those that are thinking it: No it wasn't our school colors or the rival schools color ... and I thought to myself SELF would Nathan wear these shoes?)

Glad I didn't get "that" memo on fashion. We stayed on the concession side of the field until the game was over. Then we walked down the "new hall" which had become worn with age. It was brand spanking new when we were there, but it was raggedy looking now.

Our next visit will be in two weeks when we drive to the mountains. I marched for one semester and drooled over for three semesters the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band. It is Western Carolina University's band and they are superb. We can't wait to see them. I go every year for Alumni Band. The very first year, I got to march. However, the years since I was unable with all my physical ailments. I may just have to pick up a flag and spin for a few minutes this year though. I miss marching with the Pride.


Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Hi Jennifer! I just dropped in to say thanks for tipping Alice off regarding our Africa request! Charlie was thrilled this morning to see a little red spot appear on our map in Africa at last! It's so nice to see that he's gaining friends from all over the globe! Thanks also for the link to Charlie's blog from yours - it's much appreciated. Have put your blog on our 'favourites' list, so we'll be back! Many thanks again, Alison (and cheeky Charlie!) x

Melissa said...

I don't know about Nathan, but I would wear those shoes with the right outfit! :-) You know, I love color.

Jennifer said...

Ha haa haa. Yeah, but she definately DID NOT have it with the right outfit.