Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lil bit of my real life

So I work for a day care. I have a variety of hats that I wear at this job, but the most important role for me is the role in which I teach young children how to read. It's my passion to have the children I teach reading before they enter Kindergarten. I have one child that will be five soon and the words he can read ... it is amazing. I have a group of children that I have been working with for 3 months and they now know 14 letters, 14 sounds for those letter and 14 words that begin with those letters. Some pick it up so quickly. Others take a while. And while it's a pleasure to teach the ones that pick it up quickly ... the joy when the children that take a while finally pick it up ... it is priceless.

I sent all children that I tutored last year to Kindergarten knowing how to read (except one and she was a late comer to my class). One that is in 1st grade this year is already reading on the level 17 & 18. They are supposed to be on a 7 & 8 at her age. It just blows my mind that I am able to shape their minds at 3 and 4. It makes me extremely happy to watch them grow.

There are always a couple that struggle a little bit, but those that struggle are still getting a head start on learning. So tonight I go in to work for an hour to convince parents why they need me. If they could see the children that I have taught in the past reading, they would not hesitate for a minute. They would spend the extra money and hire me on the spot. It's my passion. It's my life. It's my ambition. It's something that I can do with or without Lyme Disease. It is truly awesome. :)

Have a great night while I see if I can convince a few parents to join my class. I can't wait to shape new minds. One child I have been teaching since he was 2. TWO. I had him reading at TWO. :) I love teaching that child. He makes my head swell. ;)

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