Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun times

So Thursday, I had my treatment. I don't like doing my treatments on Thursdays because if something drastic happens I can not get a hold of my doctor's office until Monday. Fortunately other than a lot of sleep, nothing drastic happened.

Friday I left work a bit early and drove to my dad's middle school. So weird to walk down the halls of a middle school that I spent so much time in (since dad works there and all) and yet not recognize hardly anyone there. They've all retired. Only three teachers are there that were there when I retired. One is my dad, the other is a computer lab lady, and the third is a science teacher that I never even had because she taught 6th grade at the time and I was in 7th grade when we moved there. I parked back near dad's band room and walked in. No joyous noise of music (IE horrible sounds of beginner bands) were coming from the room. So I walked down the "old 8th grade hall." I have no idea what they teach on that hall now, but when I was there I had all my 8th grade classes on that hall. I walk by and see an old friend's sister teaching. I walk into the office and almost immediately feel reprimanded for walking into the office during class time. Yeah .. they thought I was a student. They changed their tune and attitude quite quickly when I tell them who I am and ask whether my dad was on his lunch period.

I make a quick drive to my parent's house and there they are. I was surprised because both my dad and my brother were there. When it's time for Dad to return, I go back with him to listen to the joyous sounds of music. The first period class was excellent, but the second one made my ears bleed a little. Shortly after I had arrived, my brother arrived to the band room. I bet that was a little weird seeing his two grown children in his band room. After a little encouragment (IE Dad said "Ya know Susan has planning this period."), I dashed out of the room and back down the old 8th grade hall.

I hung with Susan for a bit and then headed towards the old 6th grade building (which has expanded quite a bit since I went to school there) to find a friend of mine who is married to one of my best friends from middle school. I walked in and stooped down next to him. He didn't realize who it was and said "Yesssssssssssssssssssssss." I laughed as he looked and it took him a second to realize who I was. We talked (IE Gossiped) for a while and then I made it back to my Dad's class.

We went home and watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and the 'Joys of Painting' (Oh JOY).

Stay tuned for: Football Fun For Friends who haven't Faced each other in Fourteen years that Found each other on Facebook. *snort*

PS I was so disappointed that my camera was out of batteries. I didn't get to take even one picture.

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