Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LDN Cream

At my most recent LLMD appointment, we discussed what we have been talking about since August of 2009. I wrote a post then (click here to go to that post) Explaining LDN. He started me off at 4.5mg, but I had some really lousy side effects at 4.5mg. Those side effects included a severe lack of sleep, profoundly disturbing dreams, severe headaches, excessive jaw pain and fatigue. When this didn't improve, he recommended that I start off at only 1mg and increase as I adjusted to it. All of 2010, I had difficultly getting past 1mg and I eventually stopped trying. In May of 2011, I decided that I would really try to get up to 3mg. Things went okay and I actually did get up to 3mg.

So when I went to my LLMD, I explained to him that I had done really well. He was rather impressed that I had pushed myself. Then he told me something that I wish I had known before now. LDN can be compounded into a CREAM! The cream comes in syringes. There are 3ml of cream in each syringe and 10 syringes come in a 30 day supply. For a typical Lyme patient, they would use 1ml of cream per night. Well with my sensitivity, we're going to start off with 1/2 ml of cream. This is about the equivalent of 2.25mg of LDN. If things go well this entire month, then I can slowly increase until I get to the full 1 ml of cream.

Here are 9 of the 10 syringes next to my cell phone (an appropriate Lime Green!) to show size.

I push the syringe so that 1/2 ml out onto my arm. The instructions say to rub it onto soft skin. The pharmacist recommended the soft side of the arm between the elbow and wrist. I have decided to alternate the arms, though I don't think it's necessarily required. I have used it for three nights so far. In addition to the LDN cream, we discussed my difficulty sleeping lately. So he sent me home with some Melatonin hoping that it would help me sleep.

On the first night, I had no problems sleeping. I slept the entire night without waking. I did have dreams, but they weren't enough to wake me. On the second night, I woke once. I woke up and was extremely thirsty and hot. So I had to get up for some water and to turn the air cooler. Once I was settled with those things, I was easily able to go back to sleep. I was exhausted when my alarm went off however. Last night, I slept like a rock. I fell asleep at 7:45pm and didn't wake until 5am when my alarm sounded.

I get my blood work done on Monday and I'm hoping that all this work I've done since May will show up.


Sonya said...

Does it work the same way in a cream? Does it still block opiates? Are those from InfuSource?

Maps of China said...

Thank you for documenting your experience with LDN. My dd will be starting it soon and with your information, I'll have some idea of what to expect and what options we have. Hope you continue to have success with it and I hope your blood work brings good news.

Jennifer said...

Sonya: He says it's the same medication just into a cream. Mine came from Wellness Pharmacy.

Maps of China: You're welcome. I hope it works for your daughter. :)