Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So when I was little I loved to watch them. Hear them, not so much. Fireworks.

We live out in the country. And by country I mean ... we live in a subdivision of country people that love to shoot off fireworks (or guns whatever) for 4th of July (or 3rd .. or 5th or all three).

So on the 3rd and 4th, I got interrupted sleep because of these irritating noise sleep suckers.

Tonight, it's a little more God made.

I'm thankful for the rain. Really I am, but the thunder I've had enough of. It's been two hours of tossing & turning. Two hours of flickering lights (imagine my scare when I "woke" up to see my clock at 9:42 ... when my lights had been turned off).

I'm hot, tired and cranky. Throw in a little PMS and I hate to see what tomorrow is going to bring.

I just want some sleep.

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