Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Grab & Jab

So whenever I go to get blood work, I typically get the "grab & jab." The lady (typically it IS a lady) slaps a latex band (regardless of me saying ... "LATEX ALLERGY") around my arm. As my arm begins to itch and turn red, she grabs my arm and jabs. This always turns into a hit & miss, where they hit the vein, but then the vein explodes.

Grab & Jab
Hit & Miss

For once I'd love to get a "listen & feel." They listen to my knowlege of my own body and then feel for a proper vein (and listen again when I say that vein will blow).

My favorite lady has left the practice. I haven't gone back since. Though now I am having to go back and I will have to get blood done at some point. I'm scared of the Grab & Jab and the Hit & Miss.

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